Eyes on Literature: AMG offerings 1984

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AMG broch cc lead

Eyes on Literature
Rare AMG brochure revealed

I have to confess to being not only a student of unique Mercedes-Benz automobiles but also a collector of the literature related to these cars. My collection has swelled to probably over a thousand pieces and it just swelled a bit further with the addition of a few hundred gems donated by my brother Tony Spencer, a 43 year new Mercedes salesman at Smythe European in San Jose.

While the collection serves as a massive research source it also offers a glimpse into Mercedes graphic art and color over the decades. As I looked over the recent pieces, the most interesting from a research standpoint were 2  massive large format AMG portfolios covering the Affalterbach firm’s complete offerings circa mid-1984. Of course this is pre-merger AMG and the depth of their technical expertise and professionalism is obvious after looking over the portfolio.

There was something for all Mercedes-Benz owners whether one owned a 500SEL or a 190E. Interested in adding a turbo to your 4 cylinder diesel? No problem. How about a full body kit for your 280TE wagon. No problem. And how about transforming the 238 HP SOHC 5.0 liter engine in your 500SEC to a snorting 5.0 liter 340 HP 4-cam configuration?

And if you felt your G-wagon diesel needed fender flares, extra lighting, graphics and a fully restitched interior AMG would was happy to oblige. Whether it was upgrading exhaust, brakes, differentials, suspension, sound systems or interiors – anything was possible at AMG in the ’80s. We take a look at AMG’s world in the mid-’80s below.

amg 123 cp

280CE coupe gained 25 HP and AMG’s signature monochromatic paint/trim treatment.

AMG Broch 190E

AMG left no model behind and 190E modifications were offered as well. If you arrived with a 190D hoping for some additional urge for the 1.9 liter diesel, AMG would install a turbo charger for you.

AMG Broch 280E

280E looks aggressive and sports headlight washers and tail spoiler.

AMG broch 500SEC

This SEC was has received the full treatment with the body kit, wheels/tires and a fully upgraded interior that included power Recaro seats.

4 cam AMG broch

Variations on the M117 5.0 liter engine ranged from 5.0 liters and 276 HP, 5.2 liters and 300 HP, 5.4 liters and 310 HP, and the 5.0 liter 4-cam and 340 HP. An extraordinary array of technical prowess.

SEC wide body

The big daddy of the line was the wide body 500SEC with the 340 HP 4-cam engine. Very rare and very collectible today.

amg broch 123 wag

This TE wagon looks interesting and was likely a crisp handling quick touring wagon.

roy spencer/editor mercedesheritage

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