Bonhams to offer single owner 1928 “S” Sports Tourer

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Bonhams will offer this glorious 'timewarp' 1928 Mercedes S Sports Tourer in its upcoming September Goodwood Revival sale in UK. With a fabulous patina of age, this supercharged 'S' type is estimated to generate $2m.

Bonhams consigns glorious 1928 S Sports Tourer
Single family ownership a certainty

There will be no ownership disputes when this extraordinary 1928 Mercedes 26/120/180 ‘S’ Type Sports Tourer rolls across the block during Bonhams’ UK Goodwood Revival auction this autumn. This recently discovered prewar titan has been in the same family ownership since purchased new in London. It has resided in the same garage its entire lifetime and has been sleeping unused since the 1950’s.

Restore or re-commission?

Once out of the current owner’s hands, the fate of this amazing ‘survivor’ will be uncertain with regard to the next owner’s decision to restore or simply refurbish the technical items for safe and reliable use. The full restoration of this significant piece of automotive history would no doubt leave students of preservation – such as your author – aghast.

Any significant restoration would render the car to a state the erudite Miles Collier has so aptly described as “historically weightless.” The fact the car is selling in England – a country with such high regard for originality and preservation – should insure its unrepeatable heritage will be preserved. Let’s hope so.

Spectacular original interior lends massive character to this muscular pre-war Mercedes. Restoring this car would be sacrilegious.

Roy Spencer, editor MercedesHeritage.comn
Photography from Bonhams

3 Responses to “Bonhams to offer single owner 1928 “S” Sports Tourer”

  1. restoring this magnificent & wonderful car is a MORTAL SIN……..the journey should continue. restoring this car is like painting over the MONA LISA.

  2. If the Mona Lisa deteriorated into this condition, she also would be restored.

    Complete restoration is the only way to go. Vehicles like this deserve to be returned to their original majesty

  3. A sensitive preservation retaining as much as possible of the original fabric of the car would be to me the most sensible route to take.After all,it is still a car and as such needs to be driven and enjoyed not locked away in a museum where it would be enjoyed visually only and then only by the few willing to pay to see it.I say let it be seen and heard in motion.

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