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1989 560SL Gorgeous Garnet!

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560SLs have become icons within the vast lineage of 107 model SLs. We’re feeling fortunate to have recently purchased this gorgeous and rare 512 garnet 1989 model with only 55k miles on the clock.

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2000 Brabus ML 5.8 liter – Millennium Monster

30 Oct 2015
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Renowned tuner Brabus added a large dose of ‘Sport’ to MB’s 1st Sport Utility Vehicle: 400 HP and massive other mods.

1969: 1st 280SE 3.5 Coupe

20 May 2015
3.5 site lead

In the latter ’60s, the fact that the lovely 111 series coupes and cabriolets were getting rather long in the tooth was not lost on Mercedes-Benz.

1969: The C111 Debuts!

18 May 2015
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What the press saw during an extensive new model preview at the Hockenheim circuit in 1969 were various iterations of the evolving C111 project, each fitted with three rotor versions of Felix Wankel’s design.

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