Devastated 300SL rises again

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One of my more interesting discoveries over the years has to be a massively deteriorated 1959 300SL Roadster that had been hidden in New York since the early ’70s. Where is it today?

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Classic Mercedes Urgently Needed

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An extraordinary 280SL

21 May 2015
Wally SL site lead

Stunning 280SL available from MercedesHeritage. “Nut and bolt” restored with upgrades.

1969: 1st 280SE 3.5 Coupe

20 May 2015
3.5 site lead

In the latter ’60s, the fact that the lovely 111 series coupes and cabriolets were getting rather long in the tooth was not lost on Mercedes-Benz.

1969: The C111 Debuts!

18 May 2015
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What the press saw during an extensive new model preview at the Hockenheim circuit in 1969 were various iterations of the evolving C111 project, each fitted with three rotor versions of Felix Wankel’s design.

1969: MB Racing

7 May 2015
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Competing internationally in 1969 was not going to require Zwangsteuerung (Z-drive) valve trains, an unlimited budget and exotic fuel blends. It was sedans to the fore!

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